Book of green ideas



How can we help to save our planet Earth at home? There is a lot of discussion about going green, because, thankfully, governments, business and people around the world are becoming much more self-aware of enviromental issues and beginning to take the right actions to help preserve global environment and prevent climate change.  From using alternative energies sources such as wind, water or the sun, to follow eficient energy-saving tips when doing your home shores, there are many enviromentally friendly initiatives going on. Here, DECOSAFE® team would like to share our BOOK of GREEN IDEAS with all of you.

Along with DECOSAFE products, there is a full go-green textile initiative behind, by using BCI cotton suppliers and organic linen. Yet we want to take if a bit further: we want to share our own tips on how to GO GREEN and SAVE GREEN at home, work and your daily life, by using DECOSAFE® fabrics better. You will find some inspirational tips below for saving water and electricity when washing DECOSAFE® fabrics too.


Share your go-green ideas below and encourage people to help preserve our planet environment!


If you prefer,  click here and send us an email and we will share them for you in our interactive book of green ideas for the world to know!


We are excited to read your proposals!


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