DECOSAFE ® FR certifications

This 2016 Hispano Tex is promoting new eco-friendly 100% natural fabrics with fireproof and hypoallergenic features: DECOSAFE ®, yes it means decorative but safe fabrics for the home.

Decosafe® fabrics were already certified on several European and British FR standards for upholstery (BS 5852 crib 5), but now we have also passed bedding and curtaining specific tests:

img_0681DECOSAFE CO 110 and DECOSAFE CO 220 have passed BS 6807:2006 CRIB 5 specific for bedding&mattress, this test is used to certify fabrics for “Casinos Hospitals Hostels Places of public entertainment Public buildings Public halls Public houses and bars Restaurants Services’ messes, etc.

And our latest product launch, DECOSAFE LI 110, has recently passed FR test specific for curtaining UNI EN 1102:1998 (EN 1102:1997) equivalent to BS 1011: “Textile and textile products – Burning behaviour – Curtains and drapes. Detailed procedure to determine the flame spread of vertically oriented specimens.”

Decosafe® is a patented brand by HispanoTex, and it’s the result of I+D efforts to cover a increasing market demand of natural fabrics with special properties, like fireproof. At HispanoTex we are investing in green products, coming from natural origin, providing permanent fireproof & hypoallergenic capabilities, yet being absolutely eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Finally, we can publish the video from the DECOSAFE CO 110 test BS 6807:2006 Crib 5 from the italian laboratory where it was processed:



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