Hispano Tex team participated, as usual, in the Heimtextil show celebrated in Frankfurt every year.

We presented our latest collection on design prints to mostly European buyers with a lot of success, since most people were excited about getting samples right away.

But we also took the chance to introduce 100% Natural Cotton Fabrics treated with COEX®, a revolutionary product that guarantees maximum fireproof properties, while still providing comfort and perfect fabric transpiration, it is hypoallergenic and biodegradable.


Hispano Tex weaves, dyes and finishes 100% high quality cotton fabrics, which treated with COEX ensure refractory and non-allergenic attributes.

COEX® is a 100% plant fiber product based on cellulose, the most natural biopolymer, it is recyclable and hypoallergenic. Besides COEX® is 100% fireproof: it is non-flammable, it doesn’t drip or release toxic fumes like dioxin, and it is high temperature resistant. Thanks to the natural elements of which COEX® is provided, it is nature itself that builds a fence against fire, thus preventing the fabrics from burning.”

You can visit COEX blog for further information on the chemical treatment.

Contact us if you want to receive further information about 100% Cotton fabrics treated with COEX and produced at Hispano Tex.



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